Bank of Israel Site Hacked by Algerian Hackers!

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Bank of Israel was hacked by Hackers from Algeria. Bank was not aware of the incident until "Globes" informed the bank authorities and broke the story. "Globes" also managed to get a screenshot of the site after the hack and this is what the text read on the site after the hack..

Victory will come, inshallah and the scenario of Chechnya will be repeated and we will drive you out. Millions of young Muslims are willing to die for al-Quds, which belongs to us.

This was the first time ever, a group of hackers managed to break into the an official site and leave a message. "Globes" reported the story on 27th-APR and the site is still down which goes on to show that the bank authorities at still trying to handle the situation.

As reported by "Globes" bank’s spokesman stated that the banks website is not linked to the internal systems of the bank so the doubts about the leakage of bank data does not arise.

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