MEA: Servers in Ministry Of External Affairs of India Hacked – China?

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MEA AttackedMinistry of External Affairs(MEA) reported that the servers have been hacked and they suspect hackers in China behind this cyber attack. Indian officials are on their way to China to investigate the matter further. Hindi-Chini No Bhai-Bhai anymore or at least not online.

Anyway, Chinese government is use to of such accusations by now. WashingtonPost released a article in 2005 "Hackers Attack Via Chinese Web Sites" which accused Chinese government of being involved in such attacks against US, USATODAY reported another one in 2006 "Chinese hackers seek U.S. access" which stated

"China is also using more traditional hacking methods, such as computer viruses and worms, but in sophisticated ways, says Alan Paller, director of the security research organisation SANS Institute."

"Hackers are directly breaking into military and government computers, and exploiting the side doors of private networks connected to them, Paller says."

CNN published an article recently "Chinese hackers: No site is safe". The site stated that during the investigation they met with a group of hackers who are in their "20 something", they look harmless but are hardcore hackers. This group of hackers claimed to have accessed the most secure severs in the world including Pentagon.

"On camera, Xiao Chen denies knowing anyone who has targeted U.S. government Web sites. But off-camera, in conversations over three days, he claims two of his colleagues — not the ones with him in the room — hacked into the Pentagon and downloaded information, although he wouldn’t specify what was gleaned. CNN has no way to confirm if his claim is true."

These hackers also mentioned that the Chinese government pays them for hacking into security networks. Following video on the CNN site show the conversations they had with the hackers in China, Click here to watch the video.

I guess Chinese Government found new interesting ways of communicating with other countries which are not only secretive but fascinating in a way.

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